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Very often couples take a decision to have an outdoor photo session. This kind of session makes a complement of the wedding reportage and it is a great occasion to take interesting, sometimes funny pictures. An outdoor session can take place at the same day as the wedding or on some other day. Rarely the couples decide to do the session at the same day as the ceremony, because they are too stressed and don't look natural at the pictures; and during the wedding reception they want to focus on their guests. It happens however that we do outdoor sessions at the same day as the wedding, especially when the ceremony in church ends early in the afternoon. Then the couple can dedicate an hour for the session, while the quests are already at the reception. The outdoor session at the same day as the wedding usually takes an hour or an hour and a half and is done close to the reception place. The photographers give ideas of the spots the session can take place at. It is worth to entrust the photographers with the choice of the spots, because they are able to judge if the place is photogenic, attractive for the pictures and if the light there is good for the models. Because we usually work together, one of us takes the pictures during the session and the other one function as the assistant photographer, who is responsible for the models' poses, their image and operating with the light. If the couple would like to have beautiful, artistic pictures take in some special spot, which is placed far away from the reception, the outdoor session needs to be postponed for some other day. In such situation the session is done in two different locations, discussed with the models during a meeting. Either the couple suggests the places or the photographers decide where the session will be done. Often the couple's hobbies or interests can be a good inspiration to choose the perfect spots. If for example the couple is interested in horse riding, we can do the session at a horse stud farm. If the couple likes fast cars, we can do the session with one of them. The ideas are countless. Usually the character of the two chosen locations is different, for example the first spot is an old factory and the other is a meadow or forest. It is like this so the pictures could be interesting, artistic and so they make a great memento for the couple. We offer no more than the two spots for the photo session to safe time that needs to be spent on transport and to focus on taking many good pictures. While during the wedding reportage we work without intervention in couple's behavior, which means we don't tell one how to act, how to pose and we just try to photograph emotions, elusive moments, then during the outdoor session we interfere in what happens. We tell our models how to pose, how to act in front of the camera, so the pictures could be really beautiful and exceptional.


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